Viva Vivaldi: Painting and Illustration

Viva Vivaldi: Painting and Illustration

Painting coexists with all my other passions and always seeks space in my heart. So for Viva Vivaldi too, painting asked for and was given its own space through the illustrations I created.

A return to painting, to that intimate and immediate mode of expression of the illustrative sign and more. This is how Raffaele Gerardi created the illustrations for the artistic format Viva Vivaldi.

The Chiostro di Sant’Apollonia is the place chosen for the event, a place steeped in history and harmonious architectural poetry, a place that evokes emotions “of stone and water” (quoting Goethe). And so to welcome the visitor at the entrance to the itinerary, in this chosen place, there are the 5 narrative panels which, through illustrations, invite the visitor along a sensorial path to discover the red priest, inciting and announcing the emotional journey.

The graphic sign has thus imprinted a precise identity on the event, which aims to rediscover and enhance Vivaldi starting from the senses.

The pictorial line is associated with Davide Rondoni’s poetic fragments: each sentence is sealed by an illustration that precedes the meaning, revealing its deep truth.