Vivaldi. La mia vita, la mia musica_

Inaugurazione Mostra Vivaldi. La mia vita, la mia musica.

raffI redesigned for “Vivaldi”. This time a theatre, a thousand characters, many faces and a bit of the atmosphere of the 1700s. A fascinating and entertaining journey. Immersing myself in the faces, in the lively and even slightly caricatured expressions of the people of the 1700s, highlighting the movements and postures of the people, of the Venetian bourgeoisie up to the nobles “sitting slyly in the raised boxes. It had been a while since I had drawn the “real thing” and finding this “hand” gave me back my happiness. Thank you Vivaldi and thank you Emotional Experiences.


Palazzo Fava in Bologna hosted the opening of the Exhibition “Vivaldi. My life, my music”, organised by Emotional Experiences together with Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Bologna and Genius Bononiae Musei della Città.

An event dedicated to the eclectic and brilliant figure of Vivaldi, who is still particularly interesting today for the restlessness that distinguishes him and the search for truthfulness that transpires in his music.

Through an immersive journey made of sounds, images and objects, the story of the red priest, the master and the artist of the four seasons.

Raffaele Gerardi took care of the illustrations and created the iconic and personal face of the virtuoso musician. A face that was already the protagonist of the first edition of the exhibition in Venice in 2017.

After a long research and creative work Raffaele Gerardi has given a face and a colour to the great Venetian composer, the scenes of an 18th century theatre full of characters.