Vado Verso Dove Vengo exhibition – Matera 2019

raffIt takes a new kind of inhabitant to save countries: someone who comes and goes: the shoreline of distance, the fjord of intimacy.
Franco Arminio

Installation and Artistic Direction – Rock Church Santa Maria De Armenis in Matera from 30 August to 29 September.

Raffaele Gerardi is the artistic director and creator of the concept of the installation Vado Verso Dove Vengo exhibition, an event that is part of the cultural initiatives organised for Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture.

The installation is the result of an artistic reworking of the key themes of the documentary Vado Verso Dove Vengo, the first output of the project “Storylines – The Lucanian ways, already prewired at Bif&st – International Film Festival of Bari and in Matera, as part of the official cultural program of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture.

The narrative that binds the theme of the documentary and re-elaborates it through a new key of reading and fruition, the unifying element of the entire exhibition is the “Thread“. A thread that becomes a net, an interweaving, at times regular, at times complicated and difficult to unravel and rewind, just like life that runs inexorably, following its own course, its own “thread” of destiny.

The simplicity of the sign becomes imperfection, even intentional imperfection, to give form in the lightness of its line, but also solidity and form in the wire, which runs through people, words and the various rooms where the documentary is reproduced.